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Mobli expands to the UK and Europe - welcome James!

To support our rapid growth, we are excited to announce the appointment of James Datson as Mobli’s Chief Revenue Officer and Vice President of UK/EMEA. James will play a critical role in executing our growth plans, focusing on the UK and EMEA as well as supporting success for our wider global customer base.

James has 20 years experience working with transport operators, cities and local government to help make a better transport system. He is passionate about creating a competitive edge for transport providers who want to provide more accessible, sustainable and fun mobility.

"I'm super impressed with Mobli's track record and their enthusiastic team. The transport sector is investing heavily in technology to stay ahead, and I'm excited about helping Mobli's world class solutions make more impact for our customers. But it's not only Mobli's products that have impressed me, it's also their ethos, culture and vision which is so important when redefining how our transport works" said James. James is a former Principal Technologist specialising in Mobility as a Service whilst working for the UKs Catapult Network. He has a strong track record in accelerating the adoption of technology in public and shared transport. He is currently on the Board of the MaaS Alliance and the early part of his career was in transport planning consultancy. James lives in the UK with his family and enjoys sailing, getting fresh air and travelling to remote places with his bike whenever he can. We are delighted to welcome James to the Mobli team to support our rapid growth into new markets to help realise our vision for more accessible, sustainable, and fun mobility for all! If you want to drop him a line and learn more, contact him here.

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