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Mobli announces its first international hire: Welcome Danie!

It is our pleasure to announce the appointment of Danie Beukman as Mobli’s Chief Operating Officer and Vice President, Americas. Danie's appointment marks Mobli’s first international hire: part of our ongoing strategy to build a truly global culture and suite of mobility products. He will be responsible for the long-term strategic development of Mobli's international operations, and for supporting our people, products and customers across the world so that we can keep delivering solutions that make mobility easier for all, everywhere. Danie will also head up our newly established US-based business, working with existing customers and getting to know new ones.

Danie is passionate about the impact that a more connected transport system can have on everybody's lives. As our third leadership hire, he comes into a growing global organization already working across multiple continents to create transport products that make it easier for people to move through space, and reduce the environmental impact of transport. Since joining us in November, Danie has already started establishing our new US office in Los Angeles.

"Over the time I've known Mobli, the team's dedication to building a business that can make a difference to how people interact with transport has been evident in everything they've done. Mobli represents the perfect combination of a company doing good, solving impactful problems, and building a culture that truly values people. I'm excited to be joining the team and helping them scale their incredible vision for simpler, more connected transport," said Danie.

Danie is a former New Zealand diplomat, with experience in clean energy and mobility that includes previously working at GM Cruise, the autonomous vehicle manufacturer. He has degrees in law and political science from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Cambridge. Danie lives in Santa Monica with his wife, and enjoys running, skiing, and getting in or on the water whenever he can.

We are delighted Danie has made the decision to join us. He will be a great addition to our leadership team, and employee number one for our US operations. I look forward to Danie bringing his perspectives, skills and hard work to help us scale our great products into Canada, the US, and Latin America during 2022 and onwards.

Welcome to the team Danie 👋🎉👏

- Martin

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