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Fair Fares on the way as Mobli Partners with Safe Rides

Updated: Oct 26, 2022



Safe Rides and Mobli are two innovative New Zealand companies partnering in a new venture to create fare equality and more transport options for people with different physical requirements.

Barney Koneferenisi is the founder of Safe Rides and has a business plan to provide rideshare services that are safe, reliable and competitively priced. “These three features should be standard yet are challenging to find for people with disabilities. In my experience, too often rideshare providers don’t turn up, overcharge passengers who have a concession card, or cancel a booked trip when they see a wheelchair or service dog”, says Barney Koneferenisi.

Safe Rides aims to create an app to ensure rideshare services are available for people with disabilities but the development cost is steep and they have been searching for some technology support. A chance conversation earlier this year with Mieszko Iwaskow, Chief Strategy Officer of tech enabler Mobli, has led to a partnership between the two companies.

“If we can help Safe Rides’ passengers to travel easily, we’ll do our best to make that happen by taking care of the technology side of things” says Mieszko Iwaskow.

The opportunity has brightened the outlook for Koneferenisi’s Safe Rides. “With Mobli’s exceptional knowledge and experience in the transport sector, we are thrilled to partner with them to advance this venture and gain valuable knowledge along the way” Koneferenisi says.

“Mobli’s technology support will enable us to get an app developed with all the features we’re wanting. That’ll help the business to grow and make the ride booking process easy and hassle free – as it should be. Having access to Mobli’s tech expertise to improve accessibility for everyone on the move is super exciting”.

Mobli is the platform that mobility is built on with a mission to make transport more accessible, sustainable and fun. For more information or a demo check out

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