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Business growth for South Auckland Taxi Association

From left to right: Mark Schultz (Mobli Head of Product); Vishnu Joshi (Mobli Customer Success Manager); Tracey Reeves (SATA)

The South Auckland Taxi Association provides safe and affordable transport anywhere. It’s ideal that SATA is the perfect acronym for the company’s name and purpose, too.

SATA provides 24-hour taxi and mobility services in suburban Auckland. Their fleet includes vans and special-purpose mobility vehicles equipped with wheelchair hoists.

Ed Tofilau, SATA’s manager says “Travelling with SATA is much more than just getting from A to B. Our experienced and friendly drivers ensure a consistently professional and safe experience for our customers”.

SATA is a transport provider with more than 60 years’ experience in school and special needs transport, mobility wheelchair services and on-demand taxi services. They are a key employer in the local community and have a loyal and dedicated multi-cultural workforce.

“Our drivers recognise the importance of strong, supportive and trusting relationships with their passengers. That helps to provide passengers with the confidence and familiarity some of them need for a secure routine. Drivers’ skills and their caring approach play an important role in the welfare of many families”.

“We are also constantly looking to improve what we offer to customers” says Ed Tofilau.

SATA has recently partnered with tech innovator, Mobli, to develop and advanced booking service app for customers and both companies are excited about the opportunities ahead.

“The flexibility and customisation of the Mobli platform opens up many possibilities and new choices for SATA’s customers. Mobli’s technology makes it very easy for passengers to book their ride and any particular requirements” says Mieszko Iwaskow, Mobli’s Chief Strategy Officer.

“Both of our teams are innovative and are focused on helping to make people’s lives easier in every way we can. Assisting SATA’s customers by making the business as efficient as possible is a great challenge for Mobli and we’re delighted to support SATA growth. At SATA’s heart is a desire to help people and improve lives. We’re on board with that 100%”.

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