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Keolis Downer

As Australia’s largest private provider of multi-modal public transport, Keolis Downer approached Mobli with the goal of improving their customer experience when using their transport services.


Mobli has been working with Keolis Downer since 2020 providing the technology solutions to support their operations, employee and customer experience. Mobli’s relationship with Keolis Downer extends across Australia.

To date the Mobli platform has been used by Keolis Downer to undertake performance reporting on the Adelaide Metro Train Services to the South Australian Government; with improved operations, easy management of employee tasks, quickerrespond to fare evasion and transform overall customer experience.

Read here to learn what Keolis Downer have to say about Mobli. 

Outcomes for Keolis Downer

Front facing employee application

Since February 2021 the  employee application has helped Keolis Downer complete over 300,000 inspections and 35,000 shifts resulting in a time saving of around 2 hours per shift. Mobli’s technology has enabled Keolis Downer to more effectively manage employee rostering, safety, ride allocation, routing, navigation, real time messaging, disruption information and incident reporting. Infringement management has also been significantly improved through the ability for employees to take walk up bookings and collect payments via simply tapping a card against the phone for fare evasion.  The Mobli technology has helped issue 20,000 tickets, and over 5,000 infringement fines, reducing the fare leakage.

Customer facing application

The customer  facing application will transform overall customer experience across the Keolis Downer and wider South Australian public transport network. Some of the features include account management, rider loyalty, trip planning, booking, real time notifications, safety alerting, customer feedback and the ability to deliver personalised video content for customer messages and via advertising partners, to generate new sources of revenue.

Customer surveys & insights

Through the Mobli Operator Platform Keolis Downer have been able to issue a number of customisable customer surveys across key performance areas including safety and accessibility.  The Mobli platform enables surveys to be issued quickly, to targeted groups, through a number of channels with responses provided back to Keolis that are exportable and ready to use in the format they choose.

Asset tracking monitoring

An added feature of the employee application is the ability to track and record all assets across Keolis Downer operations from staff equipment through to assets on the trains. This is customisable to enable recording of multiple assets. The employee application is also used to record and respond to defects.  This has helped Keolis Downer to migrate from the Government Asset Management System in less than a week to allow them to track, issue and manage over 200 property and hardware related issues.

Performance reporting

The Mobli Platform has enabled Keolis Downer to monitor and report on a number of their key result areas including on time performance, service reliability and customer experience.

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