How is your Cities Public Transit Network performing

Want to see how your cities transit system is performing in both real time and historically? 

As part of our vision to make the future of mobility open and accessible we made available our network management feature to openly measure cities performance based on publicly published data and Mobli generated data sets.

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View your City 

We measure on time performance, cancellations and more across all modes. This is achieved by using the following:

  • Real-Time Positioning 

  • Schedules 

  • Social Media Feeds 

  • Crowd Sourced Feedback via Mobli Services 

Do you want detailed insights? 

What can be measured? 

If you a City or Transit operator and would a more detailed overview of contract KPIs, long term performance trends and realtime reporting based on mode, stops, routes, schedules, Cities and transport operators please contact us. 

San Francisco*

* Beta Coming Soon.