Mobility done right.

We provide you with modular, cost-effective, and sustainable mobility management solutions for any mode of travel and any fleet size. Mobli helps you manage your entire mobility ecosystem easily and in one place, with professional support as you need it.

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How we work

Mobli provides the building blocks for all forms of Mobility-on-Demand. With modular, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions, we help you manage your entire mobility eco-system across user experience, operations, and ticketing. Use our system to build and manage what you need: from simple fare calculators to full end-to-end booking, scheduling, dispatch, ticketing, payments, rewards, engagement, and customer and employee experiences. 


If you’re tech savvy, our Portal will let you self-manage straight out of the box. Alternatively, we can work with you to gather requirements, configure, and deploy a customized solution for you to operate, or we can set you up to partner with one of our technology partners.   


As an extra (and important) bonus, we are the first and only truly carbon-neutral mobility platform, with carbon offsets    for all trips included in our fees across all of our services.

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On-Demand Services

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Transit Networks

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Taxi / RideShare

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Para & Micro Transit

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Multi-Modal Platform 

Out of the box solutions
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Mobility on Demand

  • On-Demand-Rapid-Transport (ODRT) scheduling and dispatching

  • User accounts and CRM 

  • Booking system 

  • Route makeup and dispatch for fixed routes

  • Payments and 2nd/3rd party discounts

  • Vehicle optimization for dynamic/fixed routes

  • Multi-modal trip planning across transit, eMobility and on-demand shared services. 

  • Ability to automatically create and publish your own GTFS and Real-Time GTFS feeds with no additional equipment 

  • Integrate and operate fleets of eScooters, eBikes and more


Employee App

  • Available on any Android or iOS tablet/phone

  • Ability to receive payments and collect payments

  • Validate tickets

  • Navigation / optimisation / schedules 

  • Incident reporting / customer communication

  • Driver notifications e.g. awareness of customers with disabilities at upcoming stops

  • Manage drivers’ hours and schedules 

  • A realtime overview of the network and performance

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User Accounts & Ticketing

  • Account-based ticketing that works with NFC, QR, or barcodes

  • Open source fare engine (zones, legs, distance based) 

  • Integrate directly into your existing app or website, or use our white label app and journey planner

  • Best in class fees: only pay for what you use, with no minimum spend

  • No lock-in 

  • FSA and PCI compliance

Supported Payments

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Rider Rewards

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  • Access to our award-winning Frenzy Rider reward API and SDKs

  • Reward your riders with discounts, offers and access to exclusive opportunities from across the Frenzy partner network. 

  • Enable users to spend Frenzy Dollars on your services at no cost to you. 

  • Free carbon offsetting and rider challengers for your riders. 

  • Reward your riders for completing user surveys, and for real-time reporting of incidents, maintenance requirements, or disruptions

  • Generate revenue by using the Frenzy Ad Network to engage your users with our world-class reward program. 

  • Access best in class analytics that verifies the user engagement via our Frenzy Watch rating. 

  • Partner with our content partners to deliver personalized content to your riders via simple API integration and get a share of the revenue. 

  • Deliver free content to engage with stakeholders of local construction projects or other city disruptions 

  • Deliver directly to the user, or via bus stop, electronic billboards or in-car or on car units

Why Choose Mobli?

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Why Now?

Mobility technology isn’t easy. Neither is navigating the constant balance between optimizing for a great user experience and optimizing your services. We believe that our approach can help unlock a new, more equitable, sustainable approach to mobility by providing an equal playing field for both start-ups and long term mobility providers to safely innovate using the latest in user-centric design, API based micro-services and Artificial Intelligence. If you can build a future of mobility like this with no upfront costs or long term contractual commitment, why wouldn’t you?


We want Mobli to be used to unlock new service offerings, enhance existing services and increase shared mobility ridership, reduce our dependence on the individually owned motor vehicle, provide cleaner and more enjoyable experiences, all the while reducing business operations costs.

How do we make this happen?

We provide everything you need to build a mobility service from multi-modal journey planning, fixed or on-demand responsive routing, booking, dispatch, fleet optimization, customer support, operations management, user accounts, wallets, payments, ticketing, validation, rider rewards, advertising and more.


Subscribe at the click of a button to whichever services you need, and integrate them directly into your existing services or platforms. Alternatively you can provision your own Mobli Control Portal and use our white-label Customer, Operations or Driver Apps.


We also offer turnkey solutions where our customer experience managers and our global network of mobility experts will work alongside you to gather requirements, configure, deploy, and provide ongoing support.

Mission Driven 

Our goal is to make mobility fun, environmentally sustainable and accessible for everyone and that starts by empowering others to use our technology to create, improve and innovate across all modes of mobility.


All trips regardless of mode are automatically carbon neutral. We use our certified carbon calculator and pre-vetted offsetting partners to ensure only accredited schemes are used. By doing this trip by trip we make the world a cleaner and better place for those who come after us.


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Self-Serve Deployment and Management 

Coming in early 2021 you can configure, deploy and manage all of your mobility ecosystem services yourself via the Mobli portal.


Create an account 

Register and begin to create your environment based on your needs. 


Configure for your business

Setup your business rules and operating model using our simple portal and add the modules that work for you. 


Rapid Deployment

Deliver to your riders or customers in hours using our simple portal, APIs to integrate into your existing channels or use our App SDKs. 

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use

Pay as you go, and only pay for the services you configure and use to deliver to your customer. 

About us

We are a team of engineers and product designers who have built numerous mobility and payment components across government, large transport operators, and startups. Our work includes the award winning Frenzy Application that reduces the cost of transit for riders while providing advertising partners with highly engaged riders.


We get that mobility integration is hard; we've learnt that the hard way by doing over 100 integrations to date! We want to allow all innovative businesses to build, grow and evolve offerings without being held hostage by closed system approaches where clients are locked into long term contracts.


At Mobli we believe that our customers should be able to walk away, export data, configurations in the click of a button if they desire.


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